Graphic Design for the Wedding Industry

Graphic Design for the Wedding Industry



I’ve been a graphic designer for 14 years and had the privilege of working for some great brands. I’ve worked as a cover art designer for London book Publishers Harper Collins, catalogue designer for Seasalt clothing in Falmouth and Senior Graphic Designer at Frugi in Helston.


‘Finding my niche’ is something I’ve been exploring over the last year. There are so many graphic designers out there offering everything to everyone and it always leaves me wondering how that comes across to potential clients. What if I was to specialise in one industry and really focus all time and energy into that sector? Would clients find that more appealing?


For years now I’ve been helping my husband Kaj - a professional singer/songwriter and wedding musician - establish his visual identity online and in print. We’ve got to know the wedding industry well, how customers buy, how to price Kaj in the right bracket to appeal to the clients he wants. We’ve launched his new website, we’ve used beautiful photography and managed to find a balance between ‘original singer/songwriter’ and ‘wedding musician who plays covers’. Kaj knows that the people who book him don’t want the wedding singer - they want to discover him and tell their friends about this cool singer songwriter they’ve found who happens to play weddings. Understanding that difference and marketing his website to reflect that line of thought has been key in getting him bookings online.



It’s been a real learning curve and it turns out the wedding industry in Cornwall is a friendly, passionate community that Kaj and I fit right into like a hand in a glove. And so it got me thinking, maybe The Wedding industry is my niche. With my 14 years graphic design experience and working with Kaj, it seems like the perfect place for my business to grow.



I launched earlier this month in March 2019, by rebranding one of Cornwall’s top wedding planners, Jenny Granlund of Jenny Wren Weddings & Events with her rebrand and brochure design, of which she was thrilled:

“Details matter to me - I’m a wedding planner! The patience and attention to detail that Heather has shown while developing my brand and brochure has been fantastic….” read full quote here >



My launch coincided with the South West Wed Meetup at Deer Park, an expo event for professionals in the wedding industry. It was a two day event in a beautiful setting and a great opportunity to meet, relax, network and learn. For me, it was a great time to launch my business and to test the market - do people really want a designer that specialises in their industry and what does that mean to them?


It’s early days, but the feedback was great and I’ve picked up new clients from the event who really love the idea that I am focused on the wedding industry alone. I’m really excited to be working with them. I really do believe that as professionals, whatever industry we work in, we can‘t be all things to everyone. Do what you’re good at, do what you love. That’s my way forward for the future : )

Growth Fest Exhibition

Growth Fest Exhibition