Having a graphic designer write your copy is a little unorthodox, but it comes naturally to me when developing a design project. Working together with proofreader Lorraine Williams, we offer a copywriting / proofreading service that runs alongside any design work I undertake for you.


heather skjervik

Bringing design and copy together in harmony …

While I’m more than happy to work with someone else’s words, creating the design and the copy myself lets me marry brand, imagery and wording together in a way that a copywriter alone cannot.

As my designs take fruition, perfect paragraphs pop into my head, catchy titles appear and words can be whittled down to fit the page beautifully. Both text and design revisions take place between us so there’s no need to bring a separate copywriter into the process! I love to bring design and copy together to create the perfect voice for your brand.


lorraine WILLIAMS

Lorraine Williams of Lighthouse Proofreading shines a light on the fine details …

‘Add the essential finishing touches with my detail-driven proofreading. I focus on your designs so that your beautifully-crafted copy is clear and accurate, and to make sure that the visual style flows smoothly from page to page.’




We price per project with a set round of amends included in the fee. My copywriting service is not standalone - it always encompasses Lorraine’s proofreading. If you’re looking for proofreading only then you can book Lorraine directly for her services.

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