Why do we need to be notified about Cookies?

I had to do some research on this myself because Cookie messages pop up on websites everywhere and they are very annoying. However, they do have a purpose, because in these days of ever-changing data protection laws it's good to know how much Big Brother is snooping on us. So here, in my best non-gabbling web speak, is a simple explanation of what Cookies are, and how my website uses them.

What the hell are Cookies anyway?

As far as I can tell, Cookies are thingys that my website sends to your computer to allow 'analytics' to collect information about your geographical location and what pages you visited. 

Do Cookies collect personal data?

Nope. They won't collect your name, address, favourite food or guilty pleasures. Any data I receive is purely anonymous.

What do these Cookies collect, then?

This is a Squarespace website and so it uses Squarespace Analytics. The Cookies that get sent to your website allow Squarespace to analyze the following for me:

  • Your Geographical location
    This isn't your exact address, it's just the general location you are accessing the website from. Apparently, the Cookie learns this from your IP address. This is to help me work out where most of my customers come from, where I should focus my next marketing efforts and how my website or business's reach is growing.

  • How you found my website
    If you clicked through to my website from my social media, another website, Google or wherever my analytics will tell me.

  • Customer purchasing habits
    This is so that I can see how many visits convert into purchases and where customers are dropping off (*sob*).

  • Traffic Sources
    Allows me insight into which channels‮—‬like search engines‭, ‬blogs‭, ‬social networks‭, ‬email‭, ‬and ads‮—‬are driving the most visits‭, ‬orders‭, ‬and‭ ‬revenue‭, ‬to help me make decisions about my marketing strategy‭.‬

  • RSS Subscribers
    This is something that tells me the amount of traffic my blog post receives in a selected timeframe. Hopefully, someone out there is reading them.

Can the Cookies be turned off?
You can set your browser to not accept cookies, but apparently, this may limit your ability to use the services on my website (I don’t know how, exactly, because I haven't tried). The other alternative is to click off of my website and not use it, which I hope doesn't happen (*double sob*).

Third Parties

If once you've left my website you get bombarded with ads for 'buy art in Cornwall', that wasn't me. It's Big Brother and I accept no responsibility for what those pesky snoopers get up to. 

Was this policy written by a lawyer?

No. It was written by me because I can't afford a lawyer. So if I've missed anything or have got my facts wrong, it was purely unintentional. Please notify me rather than sue me. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this Cookies Policy, I hope it was helpful!