I loved working on Jennifer Granlund’s rebrand and brochure design for her wedding and event business. Here are her thoughts on how I guided her through the process …


“While I loved my original branding, it felt too ‘cute’ and no longer appealed to my current client audience. I wanted something sleek, classy and more mature - but with personality! Heather captured this delicate balance in her handwriting style and redraw of my little wren character. I love it!“


“I love the colour turquoise and so originally this became my choice of colour for my old logo. However, because the colour was so strong and vibrant it didn’t sit well with photos on my website which I never realised before. Heather explained that I needed a softer, neutral colour palette that was more sympathetic to all the natural style weddings that I do. She explained that brand colours can be a tonal range (for example, brights or pastels) and they don’t need to be in the actual logo itself. I’d never looked at it this way before - it’s really opened my eyes to look at my brand as a whole, not just as a logo!“


“Although I didn’t get to keep my bright turquoise, I ended up with a lovely pastel green which looks beautiful with a copper foil on the front of my brochure! It’s great to have this option for the logo when I want to have some colour, and then the simple greyscale version when I want my logo to be more subtle. It never occurred to me that I could have more than one version.”


“One issue I find with my business name is that it has to cover two aspects - weddings and events, which can make for a very wordy looking logo. Heather helped me realise that I can use different taglines to create sub-brand logos. In reality I only ever need to use ‘Wedding planner’ or ‘Event planner’ as separate identities, and sometimes I just need to use ‘Jenny Wren’ on its own. Having these options in place has really helped me categorise the different areas of my business without lumping it all together as one thing.”


“I had my copy rewritten by a copywriter but Heather added some engaging page titles as she designed, adding that splash of personality that I want to shine through. She also suggested I introduce myself as Jenny ‘Wren’ Granlund on the intro page so people can see it’s my nickname rather than my actual name (it’s something that seems to confuse people!). She also made me cut my copy by half because as we all know, people don’t like reading lots of words!”




“Details matter to me - I’m a wedding planner! The patience and attention to detail that Heather has shown while developing my brand and brochure has been fantastic. Her ideas and creativity are inspiring! She’s helped me understand that my brand is more than just a logo and through this process I feel clearer about the structure of my business. I want to reach out and connect with my higher spend clients and I know the branding that Heather has delivered will do exactly this.”

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