Heather (Allen) Skjervik  


Originally trained as an Illustrator, I moved into the field of Graphic Design where I have had a successful career in both London and Cornwall over the last decade. From a young age I was inspired by my father, an architect and watercolour artist, and yearned to have a creative career myself ...

Robert (Bob) William Allen

my father the architect

My late father was a wonderful man, and to this day I can't still believe he's not with me any more. He indulged my wild imagination, spending hours writing stories and illustrating them with me. We lost ourselves in our make-believe worlds, and when it was time for me to grow up, he encouraged me to pursue an artistic career ...

Gordon William Allen

my grandfather the sculptor

It wasn't until my teenage years that I began to appreciate my Grandfather's abstract art and sculpture. As a young man during the second world war, he didn't have the opportunities that we have today to pursue a creative career. He ended up in engineering, which greatly influenced his sculptures in his later years ...